Regulation and Rules of "TOFUZI"



Organizers of Festival

“TOFUZI” International Animated Film Festival is organized by N.(N).L.E. Animation Development Fund, N.(N).L.E. Personage, N.(N).L.E. Projection. All three organizations have equal rights, can act and perform as the festival owners.


The Festival consist of 2 main parts:

“TOFUZI” International Animated Film Festival will be held in Batumi.

The Regional Festival “TOFUZI" which will be held in about 20 regions of Georgia during the whole year after the International Festival of Animated Films “TOFUZI”.


Basic information

The International Festival of Animated Films "TOFUZI" will take a place in 26th - 31st  of October in the city of Batumi, capital of Adjara, Georgia.

The schedule and places of Regional Festival "TOFUZI" will be arranged and adjusted with local regional municipalities and by organizers of the festival considering concrete situations.


Director of the Festival: Zurab Diasamidze (Director of the "Animation Development Fund")

Official languages of the Festival: Georgian, English.

The Festival is supported by The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport of Georgia; Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara; Batumi City Hall;  National Film Center of Georgia; LLC "MIFASI" and "Techno Boom".

The aims and objectives of the Festival

The Festival encourages the exchange of creative experience between Georgian and foreign artists, a search of new ideas, styles and technologies as well as the integration of Georgian animation into the global cinema process.

The Festival seeks to bring animation as an attractive sort of culture to the children of those regions of Georgia where any cultural events are very rare.

Overall the Festival aims to popularize Animation Film among adults and children.




International Categories

Film for Adults

Film for Children


Experimental Film

TV Series

Student Film

Film Created by Children


National Categories

Animated Gif

Films created on Regional Festival “TOFUZI”



The Grand Prix

The Best Director

The Best Script

The Best Music

The Best Technique


Selection of the films

“TOFUZI” International Animated Film Festival consists of a competition, non-competition screenings.

Selection Committee is composed of professionals who will reveal films for Competition as well as for the Non-Competition program on the 20th of July.

Selection Committee reserves the right to switch a film’s category if they decide the film is more suited for another category.

Selection Committee must not include a person who has participated in the production or distribution of any film that takes part in the competition.

The decision of the Selection Committee is final and not a subject of discussion.


Festivals Jury


The Winner Films of “TOFUZI” International Animated Film Festival will be revealed by Main and Children juries.

Festival's Main International Jury will be composed of 5 people, which are professionals working in the sphere of animation.

The Best Film for Children will be selected by the Children's Jury which will be composed of 11 children from 10 to 15 years old.

All the awards will be announced on the Closing Ceremony, on October 31st.

The Jury must not include a person who has participated in the production or distribution of any film that takes part in the competition.

The decision of the Jury is final and not subject to discussion.


Conditions for participation

Participation in the festival is completely free.

Only films made after January 2019 are accepted for selection.

The duration of the film must be a maximum of 25 minutes.

Any animated film made in any animation technique may take part in the competition screening (At least over 70% of the production must be animated).

In case the film is not in English it must have English subtitles.

The festival reserves the right to screen the winning films, within the festival program.

The festival reserves the right to use the part of the winning film on television (not more than 10 percent).


Films submitting and deadline


Film Entries open on 11th February. One entry form for each film must be filled and submitted on  or google.doc till the 30th of April 2019. In case of any question please contact us on the mail -

Please use "Vimeo", “Youtube”, “Wetransfer” or other similar platforms to send us film.

Entry forms must be sent only by a person authorized to offer the film to festivals or with the special permission of the copyright holders.

All received materials remain property of the archive of the Festival's Organizers, irrespective of whether the film was selected for the competitive program or not.


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